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Download the YOWhatsApp MOD and get enhanced security, customization and privacy features for free, without having to leave the official app.
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YoWA or YOWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp with which you can access various additional features not found in the official application. In this sense, throughout the following article we will explain different details of the app, such as how to download or update and its main features.

How to download YoWA?

YoWA is not an official application, so it is not available in stores such as Google Play or App Store. Therefore, you should resort to external download sites and download the APK. To speed up the search process, simply click on the button shown above.

How to install YoWA?

YOWhatsApp installation must be done manually, disabling Android security protocols. To do so, you must enter Settings > Applications > Chrome > Install App. unknown and enable the “Allow from this source” option. Once this process is completed, the application can be installed on the cell phone.

How to update YOWhatsApp to the latest version available?

To update YoWA to the latest version, download the latest APK by clicking on the download button at the top of the text. Then, run the installer and confirm the action when necessary. It should be clarified that no information will be lost during the process.

YOWhatsApp Features

YoWA has several features, including an interface with quick access buttons. In addition, the following functions can be highlighted:

  • Themes and fonts store: it has a gallery with more than 4000 themes to download and customize the app.
  • Font store: offers different font styles in the store integrated within the same app.
  • DIY Store: allows you to create custom designs, selecting colors and font styles to suit each user’s taste.
  • Privacy enhancements: allow hide various details or personal information. Things like connection statusif a message is being recorded or written, the second tick, etc. It is also possible to decide who can call.
  • Sending large files: YoWA allows sharing files with a maximum limit of 700 megabytes, without losing quality.
  • Compatibility with various file formats: supports different formats: APK, PDF, ZIP, RAR, etc.
  • Emojis with different style: corresponds to Android version 8.0 (Oreo).
  • Performance improvements: allow the app to run faster and smoother.
  • Enhanced security features: allowing conversations to be protected by password, pattern, PIN or fingerprint.
  • Compatibility with WhatsApp: this MOD works independently from the official app. Therefore, you can install both applications on your cell phone and have two accounts on the same device.

Risks of using YOWhatsApp

The use of modified applications or versions, such as YOWhatsApp may generate certain risks or consequences to users, such as, for example, account banning. This can be temporary or definitive, the latter being a definitive block that prevents you from using the same phone number in the official app or in any other MOD.

Differences between YOWhatsApp and WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an application that is available on different platforms, including its own official website. While, YOWhatsApp can only be downloaded from external app sites, as it is not supported by Google Play or App Store. Another difference is the level of security and the quality of technical support that the application has.

Difference between YOWhatsApp and other mods

Although they have different names, YOWhatsApp is very similar to other unofficial versions of WhatsApp. Its main difference lies in the main screen style, however, the options menu and integrated functions are basically the same as in other MODs, such as FMWhatsApp or WhatsApp+.

Advantages of YOWhatsApp

YOWhatsApp has several functions that generate certain advantages or benefits to users. These include the following:

  • Simple interface, easy to understand and use.
  • Quick access buttons.
  • Compatibility with the official version.
  • Support for older Android versions (from 4.0 onwards).
  • Privacy improvements.
  • Wide variety of themes to customize.
  • Allows you to create themes using fonts and colors of your choice.
  • Increased capacity to send files.
  • It allows you to freeze the last time or connection status, hide blue tics, contact names, statuses or stories, conversations, among others.
  • Allows you to lock specific conversations with a password.
  • It has a “Do Not Disturb” mode to avoid receiving notifications.
  • Deleted statuses and messages can be viewed.

Disadvantages of YOWhatsApp

While there are many advantages of YoWA, the disadvantages or negative aspects of this application cannot be overlooked, including the following:

  • Risk of banning by the official platform.
  • Does not offer adequate technical support.
  • The update must be done manually.
  • Risk of information theft.
  • Not available in official stores.


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