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Download the WhatsApp Plus MOD and get all the customization, privacy and security that any WhatsApp user is looking for.
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17.57 (AlexMods) | 50.32 (YesiiMods)
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WhatsApp Plus is a modified version or MOD of WhatsApp that offers enhanced privacy and customization options, which are not yet added to the official app. In the following article we will describe more about the app, explaining what it is used for, how to download or update, among other additional details. It is available for Android mobile devices of different brands and manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, among others.

What is WhatsApp Plus for?

WhatsApp Plus has a wide variety of features, so it serves to cover many needs, either to increase privacy by eliminating the double blue check or use customization elements, to modify the app interface to your liking. It even has premium tools, including the ability to download statuses from other contacts. You can also freeze the last connection time or send large images or videos.

How to download WhatsApp+?

To download WhatsApp Plus it is necessary to use external sites, since, being a version not approved by the official platform, it does not comply with the conditions of Google Play or App Store. Therefore, it is not available in official stores, however, at the beginning of this text you will find a direct download button to download WhatsApp+.

How to install WhatsApp Plus Easily?

If you want to install WhatsApp Plus you must enable access to unknown sources on your cell phone. To do this go to Settings > Applications > Chrome > Install app. and from there, enable the “Allow from this source” option. It should be noted that the access path may vary for each device.

  1. If you previously had regular WhatsApp, create a backup copy to avoid losing chats or files.
  2. Enable the “Unknown Origins” function on your mobile, by following the path: “Settings > Security > Enable unknown origins”.
  3. Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus using the button at the top of this page.
  4. Click on the APK file obtained in the “Downloads” folder and click “Install“.

Note: the path may be different for each device, depending on the Android version or OS structure.

How to update WhatsApp Plus to the latest version?

To update WhatsApp Plus to the latest available version you need to search for and download the new version by clicking on the download button provided above. Then, perform the installation in the usual way on the cell phone by running the APK. It should be clarified that conversations and files sent or received will remain unchanged.

Why can’t WhatsApp+ be installed?

It is important to clarify that WhatsApp Plus cannot be installed on devices that have the official version installed. So, before installing the MOD it is necessary to uninstall WhatsApp. Otherwise the message “The app was not installed” or “The application could not be installed” may appear on the mobile screen.

WhatsApp Plus Features

WhatsApp+ has several features within its platform that provide access to extra functions in the application. These include the following:

  • Theme gallery: allows you to download themes and customize the appearance of the application with all kinds of backgrounds or styles.
  • Font gallery: to modify the WhatsApp preset font, using different styles for the letters in the app.
  • Increased privacy: the user can view statuses without being noticed, hide “typing”, blue tics, blue microphone, name of contacts, etc. In addition, you can hide the date and time when copying and pasting the text of messages.
  • Freeze last connection time: allows you to “freeze” and display a fake connection time to be online without anyone knowing about it.
  • Spam Detector: used to identify calls from commercial numbers or numbers reported as spam.
  • Greater capacity for sharing content: it has a limit of 80 Mb for sending images and 700 Mb for videos or GIFs.
  • Reading deleted statuses or messages: it is possible to read deleted messages or look at deleted stories.
  • Chat or application blocking: for greater user security. It also allows you to hide chats and protect them with PIN, password or biometric data.
  • Message scheduler: to send messages on specific days and times, even if the cell phone is not in use.
  • Call customization: allows you to change the standard style of the phone with incoming calls with fun themes available for download, as there are more than twenty different designs to download and use.
  • Access to two different WhatsApp accounts: allows you to register two accounts on the same device.
  • DIY Store: allows you to create custom themes to apply to WhatsApp Plus.
  • Shortcuts to close conversations: the user can close a chat by swiping upwards.
  • Customization aspects in different aspects: this includes being able to modify or change the style of the application icon, the appearance of the different tabs, the design of the blue tics, among others.
  • Ability to send unlimited files simultaneously: no limit is set for sharing photos, videos, documents, etc., at the same time.
  • Application lock: unlike the original app, WhatsApp+ allows you to lock the application with PIN, password or fingerprint. In addition, as an extra security measure, a secret question can be added.

Advantages of WhatsApp+

Since it has many more features, the use of WhatsApp Plus brings multiple benefits or advantages to its users, such as those described below:

  • It has multiple customization options.
  • Allows you to send larger files without losing quality.
  • It can be used with other MODs on the same device to have more than one WhatsApp account on the mobile.
  • Allows you to password protect specific chats.
  • It is possible to program messages.
  • Allows you to create your own themes for use in the app.
  • Provides enhanced privacy features.
  • Allows you to read deleted content or view statuses without others knowing.
  • It is compatible with Android devices from version 4.0 onwards.
  • The application can be locked to prevent others from accessing it.
  • Allows you to change the application icon to modify its appearance.
  • It allows you to quickly translate messages without having to leave WhatsApp+.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus

While there are many benefits of WhatsApp+, there are also a number of disadvantages or negative aspects of using this application, such as:

  • Risk of banning by the official platform.
  • Risks of privacy or information theft by third parties, when developed by unofficial platforms.
  • Updates must be done manually.
  • It can be damaged or closed unexpectedly at any time.
  • Requires uninstalling WhatsApp in order to work.
  • It does not have the same level of support as official WhatsApp.
  • It has advertisements.
  • It cannot be downloaded or installed from Google Play, which represents a risk, as the application may contain viruses.

Risks of installing WhatsApp Plus

Installing WhatsApp Plus has risks or consequences, the main one being the possibility of being banned or suspended by the official platform temporarily or permanently. In addition to possible failures, such as crashes or sudden closures of the app, which could result in the loss of all the app’s information.

Details to consider before using WhatsApp Plus

Certain details or important aspects should be taken into account when wanting to use WhatsApp Plus as an instant messaging application, such as:

  • It is not possible to download, install or update WhatsApp Plus from Google Play, as it is not a permitted application on such platforms.
  • WhatsApp Plus, unlike the official Meta app, does not allow conversations to be stored in Google Drive. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to local copies in order to recover the chats.
  • It is not possible to have both applications on the same computer, since their package file has the same name. Therefore, the system recognizes WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus as one and the same app and prevents the installation of either of the two if there is already one on the mobile.

How to have two WhatsApp numbers with WhatsApp Plus?

If you want to have two WhatsApp numbers on the same cell phone using WhatsApp+ you must use a different MOD, that is, you must use two modified versions on the cell phone. For this purpose, it is possible to use other applications, such as WhatsApp Delta or GBWhatsApp, which are compatible with each other.

Differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp+

The main difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus lies in the list of extra features that the latter has. In addition to this, the availability in app stores, since the original app is available on several platforms. While the MOD can only be obtained from alternate pages. Also, their developers are different, which provides different levels of security.

What’s new in the latest WhatsApp Plus update

WhatsApp+ developers are responsible for incorporating new features with each update of the application. Therefore, the modifications included in the new version are highlighted below:

  • It has a completely renewed interface or design for the call menu, with a modern and attractive style.
  • A shortcut button is included for searching messages within chats, from the conversation window.
  • It incorporates a new function that allows sending invitation links to group chats in a simple and fast way.
  • Temporary messages can be deleted after 90 days.
  • A drawing tool has been added that allows you to share freehand sketches or designs with other users.
  • It now has an automatic translation function for messages received in other languages.
  • It incorporates the DIY Store that allows users to create custom themes for use in their own application or share them with other users of the platform.

Requirements to install WhatsApp Plus on Android

Those who wish to install WhatsApp+ on their Android terminal must meet a number of technical requirements, including a minimum OS version of 4.4. In addition, it requires sufficient storage space (approximately 50 or 60 Mb available) and the user must accept that the installation is at his own risk.

Current status of WhatsApp Plus

Although the application has faced some problems in recent months, such as the crash of its platform and lawsuits by the official app, its developers claim that WhatsApp+ is running smoothly. They also guarantee that it will continue to be “stronger than ever”, as it has been considerably renewed, becoming much safer, faster and more reliable.

In short: how good is WhatsApp Plus 2023?

Now that you know all the high-quality features and functions that WhatsApp Plus offers, you should know that it is the best option if you want to increase your privacy and customize all your chats to your liking. Therefore, if you want to leave aside the simple and limiting tools of the normal app, this MOD is what you need.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that there are functions that only work with other contacts that have updated WhatsApp Plus. Therefore, it will be important to share this APK so that your friends and acquaintances can enjoy the benefits it offers.

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