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Download Cyber WhatsApp and take advantage of all the benefits that this MOD has to offer in privacy, security and customization.
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Cyber WhatsApp is a MOD or unofficial application developed from Fouad WhatsApp, offering a number of additional features that are not present in the original app. The following article will explain how to download, install or update this app. In addition, we will mention their most notable characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

How to download Cyber WhatsApp?

To download Cyber WhatsApp you have to go to an external app store, as it is not available in official Android or iOS stores because it does not comply with privacy and security standards. In this sense, you only have to click on the button shown at the top of the site to download the app in .apk format.

How to install Cyber WhatsApp?

The Cyber WhatsApp installation process must be done manually by disabling Android security measures in the device settings. To do this, go to Settings > Applications > Chrome > Install app. unknown and enable the “Allow from this source” driver. Then, run the APK file from the corresponding folder on the mobile.

Note: the path to the settings may be different for each Smartphone, depending on the version of the Operating System.

How to update Cyber WhatsApp to the latest version available?

To update Cyber WhatsApp to the latest available version, you must download the latest application update by tapping the button shown at the top. Subsequently, carry out the installation required for .apk files. It should be noted that the user’s data (conversations and files) will be kept intact during the update process.

Cyber WhatsApp Features

Cyber WhatsApp has a number of different features or functions that provide a series of advantages or benefits to the users of this application. Some of those that can be highlighted are the following:

  • User interface with modern design and different from the original app.
  • Enhanced privacy features that allow you to hide blue ticks, second tick of received message, connection status, etc.
  • Allows you to hide the name of the contacts.
  • Copy contact statuses at the touch of a button.
  • Auto-answer function to schedule and respond to contacts when you are not available.
  • Message scheduler.
  • Gallery of themes to customize the appearance.
  • Hide last connection time for specific contacts or in general.
  • Capacity for broadcasting up to 600 messages.
  • Support for sharing larger files (images or videos).
  • Customization for chat bubbles (color or style).

Risks of using Cyber WhatsApp

The use of apps such as Cyber WhatsApp generates certain risks or consequences to its users, among which we can highlight the blocking by WhatsApp for using unauthorized applications. In addition, it is an application that does not have appropriate security standards, which makes it vulnerable to external attacks that seek to steal personal information for malicious purposes.

Differences between Cyber WhatsApp and WhatsApp

There are clear differences between Cyber WhatsApp and WhatsApp, which make it easy to distinguish one application from the other. These include the following:

  • The source code on which the application is based: Cyber WhatsApp is based on another MOD, while WhatsApp was developed as an original app with its own structure.
  • Customization features: the modified version allows you to modify any aspect of the app’s appearance. On the other hand, the official app only supports a few simple changes, such as changing the wallpaper in the chat, for example.
  • Download availability: WhatsApp is an application that can be downloaded from different official and unofficial stores. Cyber WhatsApp is only available on third party sites.
  • Compatibility: Cyber WhatsApp is only compatible with Smartphones with Android OS. Whereas, WhatsApp is an application that can be used on different devices and Operating Systems (Android, iOS, KaiOS and Windows Phone).
  • Security: the official application has different levels of security to protect the information. Cyber WhatsApp is an unstable app in which the stored information is vulnerable to external attacks.

What to consider before installing Cyber WhatsApp

Before installing Cyber WhatsApp it is necessary to take into account certain important points, such as those described below:

  • With Cyber WhatsApp, conversations cannot be backed up to Google Drive, so there is a risk of losing information when uninstalling or switching applications.
  • Cyber WhatsApp cannot be downloaded, installed or even updated from the Android Market Place, as it is considered an illegal application and is therefore not supported by Google Play.
  • Downloading from external sites may be dangerous for the operation of the cell phone, as it may contain viruses or malicious files.
  • Cyber WhatsApp is an application that is only available for Android Smartphones.
  • Cyber WhatsApp can be installed on the same device along with the official version of the instant messaging app to have two WhatsApp accounts on the cell phone.

What’s new in the latest update of Cyber WhatsApp

With each new update of Cyber WhatsApp more features are added or existing ones are improved. The following are the latest news of the app:

  • New options have been added to reject calls without being discovered.
  • The option to reply or react to messages with any emoji was enabled.
  • Voice memos can be listened to in the background when leaving the conversation.
  • A “Confirm” option was included before posting image or video statuses.
  • The “Chat backup” option was included.
  • More languages were added to the translation function in the chat: “Vietnamese”, “Tamil”, “Urdu”, “Gujarati”, “Punjabi” and “Bengali”.
  • Added the function to configure“Search the web“.
  • It is allowed to use an emoji for the profile picture.
  • Hidden conversations are now displayed in search results.
  • Fixed connection failures for calls on some devices.
  • A group privacy menu was included in the group information tab.
  • The anti-ban function was improved.

Advantages of Cyber WhatsApp

Considering that there are many features added to Cyber WhatsApp, it is understandable that this application offers multiple benefits or advantages, such as:

  • Allows you to customize different aspects of the application.
  • It has a function to program messages.
  • Allows you to schedule automatic responses for when you are not available.
  • It is compatible with Android Smartphones from version 4.0.
  • It has more than 3000 different themes to customize the app.
  • Allows you to hide the last connection time only to one person.
  • You can freeze the last hour to stay connected without anyone knowing.
  • It allows to hide some details, such as the blue tics, the second tic, etc., without affecting oneself.
  • States can be copied or downloaded without their knowledge.
  • View deleted messages or statuses.
  • Allows you to send larger files without reducing the quality of the images or videos.

Disadvantages of Cyber WhatsApp

Although it offers several benefits, Cyber WhatsApp also has negative aspects or disadvantages, among which the following can be highlighted:

  • It must be searched in the browser, as it is not available in official stores.
  • It does not comply with the necessary security protocols, which could affect users, making their personal information vulnerable to cybercriminals.
  • It may be cause for banning or blocking by the official platform.
  • It must be installed and updated manually, which can be tedious or complicated for some users.
  • It may suffer unexpected crashes or failures in its service, causing the loss of information stored in the app.
  • It does not have adequate technical support for users.

Alternatives to Cyber WhatsApp

Although Cyber WhatsApp is a very useful application, there are some external apps that can easily replace the use of this MOD on the cell phone, for example:

  • WhatsApp Plus: this is the most popular modified version at present. It has an endless number of added functions that allow you to get the most out of the application and have benefits over the users of the official app.
  • GBWhatsApp: is an application similar to WhatsApp Plus, with customization, privacy and security functions very similar to those of the aforementioned MOD.
  • WhatsApp Delta: This is also known as WhatsApp Plus Delta and offers an extensive list of privacy, security and customization features just like many other unofficial versions.
  • WhatsApp Gold: it is characterized by a gold-colored interface design and offers a gallery with more than 4000 themes in the same style. In terms of privacy and security, it has the same features as other MODs.

It is important to note that there is another quite wide variety of modified versions that can be used instead of Cyber WhatsApp, which differ only in small details. Since some focus mainly on aesthetic aspects, while others are in charge of offering better security and privacy aspects to users.

Requirements to install Cyber WhatsApp

To install Cyber WhatsApp on Android devices you must meet a number of technical requirements, such as an Operating System equal to or higher than version 4.1. In addition to this, you must activate the unknown origins in the cell phone, understand and accept that this is a risky application whose installation is done under your own responsibility.




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