WhatsApp Plus Types

WhatsApp MODs are extensions of WhatsApp software, which have some features and functions that the original app does not have.

This type of modifications have become very popular, for this reason in the following article you will find different types of WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus Types

Below are the various types of WhatsApp Plus available. Click on any of the names to learn more about each of these MODs:



Modifications to WhatsApp began to emerge some time after the app became available. Initially, these MODs were developed to satisfy the need of some users to implement additional functions that the official app did not have.

The best known WhatsApp MOD was WhatsApp Plus, until it was cancelled by Meta. Despite this, new modifications continue to be created today, each with new features, although they all share the same basic functions offered by the original app.

Consequences of its use

Although MODs have incredible features, WhatsApp prohibits the use of such unofficial applications. This is because they violate the app’s copyrights, therefore, it is possible that the user’s account will be banned.

Although, in general,the new updates have an anti-banning function, which prevents WhatsApp from penalizing people who use this type of applications.

In addition to this, another disadvantage when downloading MODs are viruses, since this type of applications do not have an official platform, such as Google Play, to download them. But luckily there are many secure sites that offer malware-free APK files.

Download any of the WhatsApp MODs and start enjoying all the features offered by these applications.

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