WhatsApp Business: what it is and how it works

WhatsApp Business is a free app available for iOS and Android, which was developed specifically for business use by small and medium-sized companies.

If you want to know more about this application, in the following article we will explain in detail what WhatsApp Business is and how it works.


This application offers several features, such as the options to organize, automate and respond to messages quickly, facilitating direct interactions between the company and the customer. In addition, it works similarly to WhatsApp and they share the same design.


WhatsApp Business is designed and works just like WhatsApp, allowing you to send messages, multimedia files, make calls and video calls. But in addition to these functions, this app has some additional features:

  • It has tags to organize conversations into categories so that they can be found more quickly.
  • It has a company profile to show the most important information about the company, such as a section to place the website link, the e-mail address and the location of the company.
  • It offers various messaging tools to respond to customer messages in the shortest possible time, such as message templates, welcome messages or quick answers to frequently asked questions.
  • It has a catalog to show the products and services.
  • Allows you to share direct links by generating them automatically.

How to download and configure the app

Perform the following procedure to download and configure the WhatsApp Business application:

  1. Download the app from the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android) using the buttons below.
  2. Then log in to the app and click “Accept and continue” to confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms of Service.
  3. Register indicating the country you are from to add the corresponding geographic code, then enter the phone number and verify it by SMS code or call.
  4. Proceed to authorize access to contacts and other files, such as photos and videos.
  5. Now create the account by entering the company name, choose a category and select a profile picture.
  6. Finally, create the account profile by clicking on “EXPLORE > Company Profile” and add the company information.

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