What WhatsApp hearts mean

Although many people do not know it, all emoticons have a meaning, even the color of the hearts used to chat.

For this reason, in the following article we will explain what WhatsApp hearts mean, so you can use them correctly in your conversations.

What is the meaning of hearts emojis in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has several heart emojis, of different colors and designs, which have a hidden meaning. We will explain each of these below:

  • Red heart: denotes romantic love.
  • Blue heart: it is related to security and confidence.
  • Orange heart: friendly love or love between friends.
  • Green heart: it is linked to nature and health.
  • Yellow heart: means pure and sincere love, it is also related to friendship.
  • White heart: can mean love, affection or even death.
  • Black heart: means sadness or pain.
  • Purple heart: it is a hidden or forbidden love, intended for secret lovers.
  • Brown heart: used to discuss issues related to racial identity.
  • Broken heart: used to represent a love breakup.
  • Two matching pink hearts circling: represents the love between two people.
  • Pink hearts of different sizes: it means that love is free and floating in the air.
  • Beating heart: signifies emotion or excitement about some situation.
  • Growing heart: is used to represent that love is developing little by little.
  • Heart with stars: expresses an unspecified feeling between two people.
  • Flecked heart: alludes to cupid, even sudden falling in love or at first sight:
  • Heart with yellow ribbon: used in times of love and friendship.
  • Bandaged heart: alludes to a period of recovery or healing, it is also used to represent empathy for a person who is not going through a good situation.
  • Burning heart: is used to represent a love or a passionate/intense feeling.

This way you can know the meaning of WhatsApp hearts, in no time and easy.

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