What is WhatsApp Plus, what is it for and how does it work?

WhatsApp Plus is a WhatsApp MOD that offers a wide variety of enhanced functions and features that are not available in the official app.

If you want to know more about it, in the following article we will explain what WhatsApp Plus is for and how it works.

How it works

This is a modified WhatsApp application, therefore, it has the same basic functions as WhatsApp, such as making calls, video calls, sending text messages, voice notes and sharing statuses. But it also offers a wide variety of features that allow you to configure some options and modify elements.


Among some of the improvements offered by WhatsApp Plus are the option to configure privacy by hiding the “Typing” or “Recording audio” statuses, as well as blocking access to the app. Among other things is the possibility of modifying the look of the interface, implementing themes or changing some colors.


Among some of the enhanced features offered by WhatsApp Plus are the following:

  • Customize the look and feel of chats by applying themes.
  • Increased capacity to send multimedia files up to 2 GB.
  • Unlocking the application by fingerprint (only with those cell phones that support this function).
  • Do not alter the quality of photos or videos.
  • Configure various privacy settings, such as disabling read confirmations, “Online”, “Typing” and “Recording audio” statuses.
  • Automated responses.
  • Temporary messages.

Advantages and disadvantages

As a MOD WhatsApp Plus has many positive aspects, but also some negative ones:

  • One of the advantages of WhatsApp Plus is that it allows you to modify the look and feel of its entire interface.
  • Another positive aspect is that it has new emoticons and supports the sending of a wide variety of file formats.
  • As for the negative aspects of WhatsApp Plus, this app is not constantly updated and there is a risk of banning.
  • Another disadvantage is that the special emoticons cannot be seen by those contacts using the official version of WhatsApp.

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