What does XD mean in WhatsApp

The XD is an emoticon that has several uses, but it is generally used in social networks to represent a laughing face.

For this reason, in the following article we will explain in detail what XD means in WhatsApp, its history and uses.

History and design

Although the origin of this emoji is not exactly known, it is believed that it was created along with many others in 1995 by Shingetaka Kurita for the NTT DoCoMo platform. Based on this history, XD is said to have emerged as the result of the unification of various symbols and elements of Japanese culture.

This emoticon is composed of an “X” that alludes to a pair of closed eyes and a capital “D” as a smile or laughter. But nowadays this emoji has a more modern counterpart, which is the yellow face with a wide smile and closed eyes.


The XD emoji is usually used as a response to a funny comment, although it can also be used at the end of a sentence to show that you are not talking about a serious subject. In WhatsApp, it is used frequently, especially in informal chats.

Other uses

In addition to being used in social networks to denote laughter, XD has other uses today:

  • Adobe uses XD in the name of its graphic design application “Adobe XD“, which allows you to create prototype experiences for applications or web pages.
  • XD is also used in the motion picture industry, specifically for the acronym “Extreme Digital Cinema“, which is a Cinemark exclusive format.
  • On television, Disney XD is the name of the channel created in 2009 by the Disney company.

This way you can find out what XD means in WhatsApp, in no time and without complications.

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