What does TBT mean in WhatsApp and other social networks?

Nowadays there are many users who use hashtags, such as TBT, but not everyone knows the true meaning of this tag.

For this reason, in the following article we will explain what TBT means in WhatsApp and other social networks, easily and quickly.

What is the meaning of TBT?

The hashtag “TBT” stands for “Throwback Thursday” and is used to post old photos, specifically on Thursdays. The word “Throwback” in Spanish means to return to the past or go back to the past, while “Thursday” is “jueves”. Therefore, it can be translated as “Thursday back” or “back to the past”.

What is the popularity of the TBT hashtag?

Currently “#TBT” has more than 500 million tagged posts on Instagram alone. Whether from politicians, celebrities like Madonna or Elon Mask, athletes, companies, magazines and more, use this hashtag to identify their posts.

Where did #TBT originate?

Where the TBT hashtag originated
It is currently not known for certain when this tag was first used, but it is known that TBT started to become popular on Twitter. But it wasn’t until 2012 that “Throwback Thursday” spread to other social networks and thousands of users began to use it.

Similar tags to TBT

In addition to TBT, there are also other less popular hashtags, such as FBF or “Flashback Friday” and WBW or “Wayback Wednesday“, both used to post old content on Fridays and Wednesdays respectively.

What are the uses of #TBT?

Hashtags are used to facilitate the search for content on social networks. Simply place the pound sign (#) before a keyword, and the platform will show the user all the publications with that tag, organized in order of relevance or chronological order.

This is a fundamental tool for those users who wish to position their content and make it more visible so that it reaches more people. Hashtags are especially used by those who offer some services through the platform or to make a certain topic viral.

This way you can explain the meaning of TBT on WhatsApp and other social networks.


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