What does <3 and :3 mean in WhatsApp

The characters “<3” and “:3” are emojis used in different media, which can denote love, affection or tenderness, depending on the context in which they are used.

For this reason, in the following article we will explain what “< 3 ” and “:3” mean in WhatsApp, their origin and uses.


All emojis, including “<3” and “:3”, originated in 1997. These began to be used in Japanese cell phones and over the years became popular around the world. Nowadays, all mobile operating systems have their own versions of the famous emoticons.


The emoji “<3” is composed by the less than sign (<) and a three (3), which when put together make allusion to a heart. While the emoticon “:3” is based on the combination of a colon (:) and a three (3), which when joining both elements resemble the face of a cat or an adorable face.


The use of both elements may vary depending on the context of the conversation, but in general the emoticons “<3” and “:3” are usually used in informal conversations. Both can denote affection, love, tenderness or flirtation. In addition, they are often used in messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp.

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