What does 馃憠馃憟 mean on WhatsApp.

The emoji of the fingers pointing at each other is used in several platforms, as it is used to denote several emotions depending on the context.

If you want to know more about it, in the following article we will explain what the emoji 馃憠馃憟 means in WhatsApp, with several examples to understand it better.

What do the fingers pointing at each other mean 馃憠馃憟?

These emojis are called respectively “Index finger pointing to the right” and “Index finger pointing to the left”, separately the function of both is to point or indicate something, but together they have another meaning a little more extensive and ambiguous according to the context in which they are used.

Emojis of fingers pointing at each other, in the largest of cases, usually denote shyness, embarrassment, joking, regret, nerves, tenderness. Therefore, since they are so ambiguous, their interpretation depends on the context in which they are used.

Where to use 馃憠馃憟 ?

What it means and when to use 馃憠馃憟 in WhatsApp.
Generally these emojis are used in informal chats, although this is not mandatory. Occasionally some users make use of them in the descriptions of their photos/videos or in a tweet, although this all depends on the context. In addition, they are often used at the end of a sentence.

Examples of how to use the fingers pointing at each other

Next, we will present you some examples of how the emoji 馃憠馃憟 is used in different contexts, which are:

馃憠馃憟 Could I borrow your notes?

Using this emoji when making a particular request in a school or work environment, denotes that you are ashamed or regretful of having to be in that situation, but you still try to do it because you believe that the person will respond positively.

How cute you come out in that picture 馃憠馃憟.

It is a mischievous way to give more personality to a gesture of praise, it makes it look more tender and not with a certain sexual connotation, if that is precisely the intention to convey.

馃憠馃憟 Would you give me your opinion?

Definitely, it is a way of facing the situation with shyness, since it gives you doubts about the response you may receive from the other person. So you enter respectfully, but determined to know their opinion on the subject.

I’d love to go out with you 馃憠馃憟

It’s a great way to ask that awkward question to the person you like. It gives it more personality, although if you wanted to, you could add other emojis and invite your friend to go shopping.

I’ll be available tomorrow, what do you say we get together? 馃憠馃憟

When you use this emoji at the end of a question, it means that you are nervous to ask, because you don’t know if the other person will be able to or not, but despite the embarrassment of the situation you are encouraged.

I can’t take it anymore, I need to confess everything to you 馃憠馃憟

What better time to use the emoji than when making a confession. Telling a secret is never easy, but this emoji brings the protagonism of nerves and anxiety to tell everything to the other person.

This way you know what is the meaning of the emoji of the fingers pointing at each other in WhatsApp.

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