Meaning of WhatsApp emojis

WhatsApp has a wide variety of emojis, but there are so many that you probably don’t know them all, nor the meaning of each one of them.

For this reason, in the following article we will explain you the meaning of WhatsApp emojis, in a simple way and in a short time.

Emojis with ambiguous meaning

There are some emoticons that have a definite connotation, while others are a bit more ambiguous and therefore their meaning may depend on the context of the conversation in which they are used. Some of these emojis are the following:

  • 😳: embarrassment or surprise.
  • 🥺: to show pity or tenderness.
  • 🌚: can mean complicity or shyness.
  • 👉👈: shyness, innocence, tenderness or indecisiveness.
  • 🙃: disguised annoyance, joke, playing the fool.
  • 🥰: it can mean that you like or love something.
  • 😏: means flirting, complicity, mischief or joke.
  • 🥴: it is a broken face, either by malaise, hangover, intoxication or dizziness.
  • 😒: used to show skepticism, boredom, distrust, irritation or sarcasm.

Emojis of faces and expressions

Below, we will explain the meaning of the most used emoticons of faces and expressions in WhatsApp:

  • 🤗: to greet, give or send a hug, happiness or joy.
  • 🤩: success, absolute happiness, pleasant surprise or luck.
  • 🤨 and 🤔: means doubt, suspicion, that you are thinking or devising something.
  • 😅: discomfort or relief.
  • 😉 and 😘: flirtation or complicity.
  • 😋: foolishness, joke, delightful, mischief or joy.
  • 😁 y😀: mean happiness or joy.
  • 😂and 🤣: laughter and laughter.
  • 😃, 😄 and 😆: smiles, excitement, happiness.
  • 😑 and 😐: no expression, neutrality, discomfort, displeasure or disappointment.
  • 😣: fear, desire to cry, sadness or frustration.
  • 😥: sadness or relief.
  • 😎: success, satisfaction or self-centeredness.
  • 😍: falling in love, attraction or seeing something you liked.
  • 😗, 😙 and 😚: to pout or give beak kisses.
  • 😮: surprise.
  • 😶: without words or comments, keeping a secret or shyness.
  • 😪 and 😴: drowsiness, boredom, sleepiness, sleepiness, desire to sleep or laziness.
  • 😫: exhaustion, annoyance or discomfort.
  • 😌: relief, peace or tranquility.
  • 😛, 😜 and 😝: mockery, joking, teasing, taunting or mischief.
  • 😕, 🙁 and ☹️: discontent, sadness, disappointment, frowning.
  • 🤐: to keep a secret, to keep quiet, to keep one’s mouth shut.
  • 😯: surprise or embarrassment.
  • 😔 and 😞: disappointment, depression or sadness.
  • 🙄: displeasure, rolling of the eyes, doubt.
  • 😟: concerned.
  • 😖: dazed, irritated or angry.
  • 🤤: appetite or hunger.
  • 😲: astonishment or surprise.
  • 😤: anger, annoyance or indignation.
  • 😢 and 😭: sadness, tears, loss or pain.
  • 😓: displeasure, discomfort, grief or embarrassment.
  • 🤑: having money, wanting money, greed or ambition.
  • 😠, 😡 and 🤬: anger, rage, annoyance.
  • 😦: distress or surprise.
  • 😰 and 😱: fright, fear, surprise.
  • 🤪: madness.
  • 😵: impact or shock.
  • 😷, 🤒, 🤧: flu, allergy, fever, malaise or illness.
  • 🤕: accident, injury or blow.
  • 😇: goodness, blessings or kindness.
  • 🤢 and 🤮: nausea, malaise, vomiting or dizziness.
  • 🤠: excitement, travel or adventure.
  • 🤥: to lie or conceal the truth.
  • 🤭: hold back laughter.
  • 😈, 👿 and 👹: mischief, anger, seduction, mischief.
  • 🧐: suspicions or doubts.
  • 🤓: intelligence, being a geek, nerd, gamer or a quirky person.
  • 💩: represents a “poop” or a “poop”.
  • 🙏: used to make a request or to allude to a prayer/prayer.
  • 👨🏻‍🎤: is a rock singer.
  • 💅: elegance or sophistication.
  • 🙈, 🙉 and 🙊: represent the “three wise monkeys” who do not want to see, hear or speak.

Emojis with double meaning

WhatsApp is a platform that can also be used for sexting or to schedule sexual encounters. Therefore, some emojis can be used with double meaning and the most popular ones are:

  • 🍑: is used to allude to a butt.
  • 🍆: used to represent the male member.
  • ✊🏻: usually refers to male masturbation.
  • 💦: water droplets are used to refer to the male fluid.
  • 🍼: in a sexual conversation the bottle refers to oral sex.
  • 👉👌💦: is a sexual connotation, specifically used to refer to having sex or sexual intercourse.

Emojis of people and actions

WhatsApp offers some emojis of people performing certain actions, which may confuse some users, some of these emoticons are:

  • 🤦: expresses shame, frustration or embarrassment.
  • 🙅: can mean protection or denial.
  • 💃: reflects joy, festivity, joviality, energy or desire to dance.
  • 🏃: means haste, haste or delay.
  • 🤷: lack of knowledge or lack of interest.
  • 🧏: means they can’t hear you well.
  • 🙇: is a sign of appreciation, admiration, respect or fear.
  • 👨‍💻: indicates that you are busy working or studying in front of the computer.
  • 🧙: is a sorcerer or sorceress.
  • 🤰: represents a pregnant woman.
  • 🕺: used to reflect joy, excitement or desire to dance.
  • 👨‍❤️‍👨: is used to indicate that two people are very much in love.
  • 🙋: is used to indicate that you want to ask a question, give an answer or indicate that they are counting on you for any plan they are devising.
  • 💁: it does not have a specific meaning, but some users use this emoji to show sarcasm or egocentrism.

Emoticons of hands and gestures

The emojis of hands, gestures or postures, also have their unique and particular meaning. Some of these are:

  • 👎: expresses disagreement or disapproval.
  • 👍: is support or approval.
  • 🙌: they are used to show celebration, success or joy.
  • 👊: depending on the context of the conversation it can be a sign of thanks, greeting or disagreement.
  • 🙏: represent a prayer, prayer, wish or thanksgiving.
  • 💪: may be indicative of exercising or wishing for strength and encouragement.
  • 👏: reflect gratitude or celebration.
  • 👌: means that everything is fine or that you share the same opinion with another person.
  • 🤙: is used to indicate that you will call someone or that you will be called on the phone.
  • ✊: the raised fist is used to show support or as a sign of strength.
  • 🤝: means truce, a greeting or closing a deal.
  • 👐: alludes to a hug or is used to refer to a deal being struck.

Exotic plants and flowers emojis

Although there are some emojis that can be easily recognized, such as the rose or the fir tree, there are some others that are not so popular or known by the users. These emoticons are:

  • 🏵️: golden rosette.
  • 🌸: cherry blossom.
  • 💮: white cherry blossom.
  • 🌼: daisy.
  • 🌺: hibiscus.
  • 🌷: tulip.
  • 🍁: maple leaf,
  • 🌾: rice ear.
  • 🎋: Japanese tanabata tree.

Little known food emojis

WhatsApp also has a section that has some exotic dishes that some users may find a bit strange. Most of them are part of the Asian gastronomy and some of them are the following:

  • 🍶: it is a glass next to a bottle of “sake“, which is an alcoholic beverage from Japan.
  • 🍥: it is a Japanese fish cake called “narutomaki“.
  • 🍵: represents a cup of green matcha tea.
  • 🍢: it is a skewer of fish, konnyaku and tofu, known as “oden“.
  • 🍡: it is a dessert called “dango” and specifically it is a sweet skewer made of colored rice.
  • 🍠: refers to a sweet potato or bonito.
  • 🥠: it is a Chinese fortune cookie.
  • 🥟: represents a pie or patty.
  • 🍙: it is a rice ball wrapped in nori seaweed, which is called “onigiri“.
  • 🍘: refers to a rice cracker wrapped with seaweed, which is known as “senbei” and is accompanied with a cup of tea.
  • 🍱: it is a food box called a “bento“, which is served with vegetables, rice, meat or fish.
  • 🥘: this is the emoji of a Valencian paella or seafood paella.
  • 🍛: represents a cup of rice with curry, vegetables or meat.
  • 🥯: this is a savory bread known as abagel, which has a hole in the center like a donut.
  • 🥨: it’s apretzelcracker.

Emojis of buildings and temples

WhatsApp has some quite well-known emoticons of buildings and locations, but others are not so popular. Some of these are as follows:

  • 🕋: it is the Kaaba stone of Mecca, a place of worship for the Muslim religion.
  • 🗼: represents the “Tokyo Tower“, an emblematic building in Japan.
  • ⛪: is a Christian church.
  • 🕌: represents a mosque.
  • 🕍: it is a synagogue.
  • 🗿: represents a “moai”, which are stone statues located on Easter Island.
  • ⛩️: it is a “torii“, which is a gateway to Taoist or Shinto shrines.
  • 🏯: it is a “shiro” or traditional Japanese castle.
  • 🏩: this is a Japanese hotel that can be rented by the hour.
  • 🏔️: represents a snow-capped mountain.

Religious symbols and ideograms emojis

In WhatsApp there is a section of fairly well-known religious symbols and ideograms, but others are not so popular. Some of these emojis are the following:

  • 🎑: represents the Japanese full moon ceremony known as “tsukimi“.
  • ♨️: is the sign for “onsen” or hot springs on Japanese signs.
  • 👁️‍🗨️: is the “I am a witness” symbol used against bullying or “buylling“.
  • 🏧: is the logo to represent automatic teller machines (ATM).
  • 💢: represents rage, annoyance or anger.
  • 🎟️: is a ticket.
  • 🎴: is a “hanafuda” card used in Japan.
  • 🀄: this is a “mahjong” tile, which is a Japanese board game.
  • ✝️: represents the Christian cross.
  • ☪️: symbolizes the Islamic crescent.
  • ✡️: is the Jewish Star of David.
  • 🕉️: represents the “om“, which is one of the most sacred mantras for dharmic religions.
  • ☸️: shows the wheel of Dharma, which is associated with Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • ⚛️: is an atom.
  • ☮️: is the symbol of peace, associated with the hippie community.
  • ☯️: are the Yin Yang, representing balance.
  • 📛: is a label to place a name.
  • ➿ and ➰: represent the cell phone call box.
  • 🔰: represents the Shoshinsha or Wakaba mark, which is a homologation in Japan used to designate learner drivers, which in Spain would be the “L”.

Asian culture emojis

Here are some CJK ideograms that can be understood in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Some of these emojis are:

  • ㊗️: literally means “pray for happiness“, although it is often used to wish or send congratulations.
  • ㊙️: means “secret“.
  • 🈵: means there are no places available or it is full.
  • 🈴: approved or agree.
  • 🈲: prohibited.
  • 🉐: bargain or bargain.
  • 🈹: rebates or discount.
  • 🈸: used to represent request or information forms.
  • 🉑: acceptable.
  • 🈺: is used by some premises, businesses, hotels and buildings to indicate that it is open to the public.
  • 🈚: free of charge or free of charge.
  • 🈶: it is not free and has a cost.
  • 🈷️: monthly payment or monthly fee.
  • 🈯: reserved.
  • 🈁: here.
  • 🈂️: courtesy of the house.
  • 🈳: used to indicate that places are available or empty.

Sports Emojis

While there are some sports emojis that are easily recognized, others can be a little difficult to identify. Some of these emoticons are:

  • 🏈: American soccer.
  • 🏉: rugby ball.
  • 🥏: flying disc or frisbee.
  • 🥍: lacrosse ball and net.
  • 🏏: bat and cricket ball.
  • 🥌: curling stone.
  • 🧘: person in lotus flower position, used in meditation as well as in yoga.

Emojis of unknown objects

Although WhatsApp has multiple emojis alluding to everyday objects, it also has emoticons of unusual objects, some of these are:

  • 🧧: is a Chinese red envelope used to deliver money on special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays or New Year’s Day.
  • 🎏: they are Japanese fish-shaped pennants called “koinobori“, which are used as decoration during the celebration of Children’s Day.
  • 💤: to be sleepy or in need of sleep.
  • 🎐: it is a wind chime that often looks like a sea jellyfish.
  • ⚖: symbolizes justice or is used when making a complicated decision.
  • 🎎: they are a pair of Japanese dolls known as “hinamatsuri“, used to represent emperors.
  • 💸: represents a large expenditure of money and that your tickets have flown away.
  • 🧿: it is a Turkish amulet known as “nazar“, which is used to protect from the evil eye.
  • 📟: it is apager, which is a device that predates today’s cell phones.
  • 💡: represents that you have a great idea or a moment of lucidity that you should share with the rest.
  • 📠: it is a fax.
  • 💾: floppy disk.
  • 💽: minidisc.
  • 💿: CD.
  • 📀: DVD.
  • ✨: represent positivity, magic, miracles, happiness, positivity, beauty, joy or gratitude.
  • 🧮: is a counting device known as an “abacus“.
  • 🏮: it is a red paper lantern called “izayaka” and is used to decorate Japanese bars.
  • ⚗️: represents a still, used to distill liquids.
  • 🧫: symbolizes a Petri dish.
  • 🔥: depending on the topic of conversation it can be used to indicate that something is trending or something/someone is hot.
  • 🏺: it is an ancient amphora.
  • 👀: this emoji is used to show interest in a topic of conversation or that you are eavesdropping.
  • ⚱️: a funeral urn for ashes.

Updated Emojis of 2022

Some of the new emojis brought by WhatsApp’s 2022 update may seem unfamiliar and generate doubts. For this reason, we explain its meaning below:

  • 🪬: the hand with one eye known as “hamsa“, is a symbol of protection in Abrahamic religions.
  • 🫠: represents heat or high temperatures.
  • 🫣: spying or means not daring to see.
  • 🫳: hands palms up or down connote negotiation, farewell or invitation.
  • 🥹: is about to burst into tears.
  • 🫵: the finger pointing at the user can mean accusation.
  • 🧌: is a mythological creature known as a “troll“.
  • 🫥: reflects discomfort, doubt or skepticism.
  • 🫡: is a military salute, accepting an order or sign of respect.
  • 🫶: is a connotation of love or affection from a distance.
  • 🪷: lotus flower a signifies purity or stillness.
  • 🪩: disco mirror ball is related to dancing and parties.
  • 🩼: is a crutch for support to help you walk.
  • 🫳: crossed fingers symbolize luck or reflect the act of making a wish.
  • 🫦: bitten lip signifies desire or passion.

This way you can know the meaning of WhatsApp emojis, in a simple way and in a short time.

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