How to reply with WhatsApp Plus

To reply to a message within a WhatsApp Plus conversation, there are two simple methods to perform this action.

For this reason, in the following article we will explain how to reply with WhatsApp Plus, in a short time and without too many complications.

Since notification

To reply to a message from the WhatsApp Plus notification, without having to enter the conversation directly, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the notification displayed on the screen.
    Note: to reply to a message with WhatsApp Plus through this procedure it is necessary to activate mobile notifications.
  2. Then, click on the text box at the bottom with the message “Reply” and the keyboard will open.Reply WhatsApp message - From the notification - Step 2
  3. Finally, proceed to write the answer and send it by clicking on the paper airplane icon.

From the chat

Reply to a conversation directly from within the chat, replicating the contact’s original message as a reply signal. There are two methods to do this, which will be detailed below:

  • Slide the message in question to the right side and the keyboard will automatically be displayed for typing the reply. This way you will be able to reply directly to the selected message, and you can even apply this trick to your own messages and thus quote them in the chat.
  • Press and hold the message to be replied to for a few seconds and a toolbar will automatically appear at the top of the chat. Press the “Reply” option, identified by the icon of an arrow pointing to the left, and the keyboard will open. Then type your answer and click “Submit“.How to reply WhatsApp message - From the chat

This way you can reply with WhatsApp Plus, in a short time and without too much hassle.

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