How to remove the online WhatsApp

While there is no native method to remove WhatsApp inline, it is possible to use a couple of similar alternatives that will help you with this issue.

If you want to know more about it, in the following article we will explain how to remove WhatsApp online, easily and in a short time.

How to deactivate the last connection time?

To hide the last connection time in WhatsApp, enter the application and press the three dots icon. Then enter “Settings > Account > Privacy > Time of last time” and click on “Nobody“. This way no contact will be able to know when you were last active on the platform.

How to remove WhatsApp online

Similarly, if you enter WhatsApp to answer a message or accidentally leave the application open, other contacts will see that you are online.

How to hide online for all your contacts?

In case you want to reply to a message, but do not want to appear online, you can enable the device’s airplane mode. This way no one will be able to see that you are active in the application, although when this option is activated it will not be possible to answer conversations or receive calls until you disable it.

To enable airplane mode, access the device’s quick settings and then press the airplane icon. Doing this will disable all connections, both WiFi and phone data. To deactivate this function, just repeat the same procedure.

How to not appear online for certain contacts

They will not be able to send you messages or make calls, nor will they be able to see your profile picture or know if you are online. To do this, log into WhatsApp and press the three dots on the side, then go to “Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked contacts“. Press the add icon and select the contact in question.

Remember that in this way the other person will not be able to write or call you, therefore, when you think it is appropriate, unblock this contact.

Additional methods to stay offline on WhatsApp

There are also other alternatives that allow you to reply to messages and at the same time hide your online status. Some of these methods are:

Respond to chats via notifications

To reply via notifications, go to “Settings” > “Notifications“. Click on “All apps”, then search for “WhatsApp” and check the corresponding box. This way you will be able to read and reply to messages from the notification center, even if the mobile screen is locked.

Reply to messages offline using widgets

To do this go to the home screen of the mobile, then press and hold on it and select “Widgets” > “WhatsApp“, you will see several options where you must choose “WhatsApp 4×2“. That way you will be able to reply to messages from this widget without having to open the app and therefore you will not appear online.

View WhatsApp messages offline using widgets

Replying to messages via pop-up windows

To activate this function, just go to “Settings > Notifications > Pop-up windows“, then you will be able to respond without opening the application. This option is available from Android 9 or later.

If you only want to respond to messages from specific contacts, but without logging into the app, enable custom notifications. To do this log in to WhatsApp and then go to the person’s chat, then press the three dots icon. Select “View contact > Custom notifications” and activate this option.

This way you can remove the online status from WhatsApp, easily and in a short time.

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