How to react to WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp has new updates for its users, allowing them to respond in a more interactive way within a chat.

Taking this into account, below, we will explain how to react to WhatsApp messages, by means of short and very simple steps.

Steps to follow

How to react to WhatsApp messages
If you are wondering how to react to WhatsApp messages on iPhone and Android devices, just access the chat of your liking, press and hold the text that you want to highlight and thus, a bar will appear with the emojis “👍, ❤️, 😂, 😮, 😢 and 🙏”, next to the “+” icon, which you can select in case you want to use another type of emoticon from the application.

Then, you only have to press the one of your choice and you will add the reaction to the chat. It should be noted that if this function does not appear, it is advisable to verify that you have the latest updates of the app.

On WhatsApp Web and PC

Also, it is possible to add these elements in WhatsApp conversations from the web and PC versions. To do this, enter the chat you want and place the mouse cursor on the message in question. The reaction bar will automatically appear, where you will have to choose the emoji of your preference or press the “+” symbol to choose another one.

How to view the reactions to a message

How to view the reactions of a WhatsApp message
In case you need to see the reactions made to a particular message, either in a group or private conversation, you will have to click on the emoji below the text. Thus, you will find the list of emoticons used, together with the name of the contact who made the emoticon. It should be noted that you will not be able to see the time and date it was executed.

How to change the reaction in a message

If you need to change your reaction in a message, you should know that you can do so with no time limit. To do so, you will only have to press and hold the text and select the emoji that will replace the previous one.

How to eliminate a reaction

In case you need to remove a reaction from a particular message, press the emoticon in question, which is located below the text, which will run a list. Finally, press “You” to delete it quickly.

With this guide, you will know how to react to WhatsApp messages from various devices without problems.

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