How to make a man fall in love via WhatsApp

If you want to conquer the guy you like, but you have no idea how to do it, fortunately there are some tips that can help you achieve it.

For this reason, take a notebook and write down because in the following article we will explain how to fall in love with a man by WhatsApp.

Apply the five-day rule

How to make a man fall in love by WhatsApp - Apply the five day rule
This trick consists of the following: after exchanging phone numbers, wait five days before sending the first message. This way you let him know that you are interested, but not desperate for his attention. In case he writes before that period, you can answer him, but not immediately.

Take the initiative, but do it slowly so you don’t look like you’re begging for it, go slowly. This will help him develop curiosity about you and it will get his attention to know that you are independent.

Take your time to respond

This is a point that is related to the previous one. While you don’t want to seem desperate by answering him right away, you also don’t want to neglect your chores by answering a message. Do it when you can, but don’t keep your guy waiting too long or he’ll lose interest in you.

Avoid being condescending

It’s okay to throw in the occasional flattery, comment on how good that shirt looks on you or that your hair looked great in that picture. These kinds of comments will make him feel good, but it’s also not a good idea to overdo it. Being condescending all the time can make your man uncomfortable and is therefore best avoided.

Be direct but flirtatious

Men are simple and too much text bores them, so being direct is the best tool. Write short but flirtatious messages, so the chat will progress in a pleasant and lively way, but without losing your guy’s attention. A joke or two can lighten up the conversation, take advantage of this.

Do not ask for explanations

Como enamorar a un hombre por WhatsApp - Don't Ask for Explanations
While you are getting to know each other, avoid asking for explanations. It’s okay if he stops answering for an hour or two, it’s normal, since at the end of the day he has his own life. If he voluntarily explains to you, or if he warns you that he will be busy, it is a good sign. But don’t come across as a bossy or demanding girl.

Illustrate conversations

WhatsApp emojis and stickers are a good tool for flirting, but care should be taken not to abuse them. These resources are perfect for dropping little hints or even letting him know how you feel about talking to him.

Another useful tool are audios and photos, you can take advantage of sending her a photo while you are cooking or when you are shopping. Voice memos are also very useful, so that chats will not be monotonous.

Shows interest

From the beginning let him know that you are interested in him, ask open-ended questions about his life, work, hobbies and interests. Avoid just talking about yourself and give her the chance, after all you are both getting to know each other. Also, remember that the interest must be mutual or else it is better to get out of there.

Avoid talking too much

When you start chatting with a man you are interested in, at first avoid talking about your failed relationships and other conflicts. It is possible that with that kind of information the child will be scared off, so it is best to avoid such topics until there is more trust between the two of you.

Be yourself

Always make sure to be true to yourself and show who you are at all times. You shouldn’t pretend to be someone else to please him/her, besides lying never ends well and eventually sooner or later you will end up showing who you are. Therefore, show him your true personality from the beginning.

Avoid forcing the talks

How to make a man fall in love with you via WhatsApp - Avoid forcing chats
Learn to say goodbye
if you see that the conversation is not going anywhere, remember that if the interest is not mutual it is best to leave things where they are. Avoid insisting if you notice that he doesn’t answer your messages, if he leaves you on hold or doesn’t make any plans to go out with you after a while.

Beware of sexting

If you are just starting to chat with a guy and you notice that the direction of the conversation has started to change, be careful. Many men tend to ask for nudes or explicit photos when a girl shows attention to them. This is not in all cases, but it has happened before.

If you’re not comfortable with this, tell him you’re not feeling well and avoid sharing this type of content, especially if you’re just getting to know the guy. Always beware of falling into any kind of blackmail or manipulation. Never do anything if you are not comfortable with it.

Take the initiative

How to make a man fall in love with you via WhatsApp - Take the Initiative
It’s not all about sending him messages, to win a guy over you need to show him that you’re interested enough to ask him out on a date. Set up a place that you both like and set a day when you are both available.

Pay the bill from time to time

This point is linked to the previous one, since if you ask him out you can also pick up the tab. This way you show him that you are not with him just out of interest and that, even if he is short of money, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go out.

In this way you can fall in love with a man by WhatsApp, in a short time and without complications.

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