How to know if I have been blocked on WhatsApp

If you need to know who has blocked you on WhatsApp, you will have to use a series of steps that will allow you to find out.

It is for this reason that, in the following article, we will show you the methods that exist to know this information, in a quick and simple way.

Preliminary checks

Pre-checks to find out if I have been blocked on WhatsApp
If you suspect that you have been blocked, it will be necessary to consider a series of aspects, among these:

  • The double check mark of delivered message does not appear: when you try to write to that person, the double “check” is not reflected, nor does it read the texts.
  • The individual no longer answers: if you used to have conversations with a contact and from one moment to the next he/she stops responding, it is likely that he/she has blocked you.

Methods to check if you have been blocked

Among the methods that exist to find out if you have been blocked on WhatsApp, are the following:

Checking your last connection time

In the first instance, you can check whether the contact’ s last connection time is visible. To do this, you will need to access the chat with the person in question and see if this information appears. However, it should be noted that it is possible to disable this function, but it is not common among users.

Verifying your profile picture

To know this information, it is recommended to enter the individual’s profile picture and check if it is displayed. In case you do not observe such a picture, it could be because this person has blocked you, especially if he/she used to have one before.

Adding you to a group

How to know if I was blocked on WhatsApp by adding it to a group
Alternatively, try adding the contact you are suspicious of to a group chat. If you get the messageCould not add toName‘”, it could be because you have been blocked by that individual.

Viewing WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp statuses are private functions between users and if you cannot view those of a specific person, it could be because they blocked you. This, especially if this contact used to share this content constantly.

Making a call

If the above methods do not convince you, it is recommended to access the chat with the person in question and press the icon to make calls. If no communication is established during this procedure, you have been blocked. However, it is also possible that such an individual may not have a signal or battery.

Aspects to take into account

When performing the options mentioned above, it should be kept in mind that, the methods cannot completely ensure that a person blocked you on WhatsApp. Likewise, it is advisable to respect the user’s decision in case he/she has resorted to this alternative.

With this guide, you will find numerous easy ways to find out who has blocked you on WhatsApp.

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