How to delete or remove WhatsApp messages

Deleting a WhatsApp message is very simple, but it should be kept in mind that once this action is performed, it is impossible to recover it.

For this reason, if you want to know the steps to achieve this, in the following article we will explain how to delete WhatsApp messages.

How to delete WhatsApp messages?

When deleting a WhatsApp message, you can choose to delete it only for yourself or for all participants of the conversation. To do this, perform the following procedure:

  1. Enter the chat of the person or group in question.
  2. Click on the message you want to delete and click on the trash can icon.
  3. To finish, select “REMOVE FOR ME” or “REMOVE FOR ALL“.How to delete WhatsApp messages - Step 3-min.

When you do this the message will be deleted and the text “You deleted this message” will appear in its place, but if you delete a message in a group the content of the message will be replaced by the note “An admin, [nombre del admin.], deleted this message”.

Note: the latest version of WhatsApp is required for messages to be deleted correctly.

How to extend the deadline to delete a WhatsApp message?

Although WhatsApp has two days to enable the “Delete for all” option, after that time it will be disabled, there is a trick for Android that allows you to extend this period of time:

  1. Start by activating the airplane mode of the cell phone.
  2. Stop the WhatsApp app by going to “Settings > Applications > WhatsApp > FORCE STOP“.How to delete or remove WhatsApp messages - Extend the deadline to delete a message - Step 2
  3. Next, set back the device time by going to “Settings > Date and time” and choose the same day on which the message was sent.
  4. Access the conversation in question, press and hold the message to be deleted and press the trash can icon.
  5. Finally, select “Delete for all“, set the device’s date and time again and deactivate the airplane mode.

Note: the path and name of some sections may vary depending on the device model.

What happens when I delete a WhatsApp message?

When making the decision to delete a message on WhatsApp, the following should be considered:

  • There is a possibility that the recipient can view the message before it is deleted or in case it is not deleted properly.
  • Only the administrators of a group can delete messages sent by other participants.
  • WhatsApp will not notify in case the message is not deleted correctly for all chat participants.
  • It is possible that some multimedia files that are sent, such as photos, videos, voice memos or documents, may remain saved in the memory of the recipient’s device, even if the message has been deleted from the chat.
  • Messages that have been deleted cannot be recovered.
  • Group chat participants will be able to see which administrator deleted the message for everyone.

In this way you can delete a WhatsApp message, in a short time and without complications.

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