How to delete a WhatsApp group

If you want to delete a WhatsApp group, you will need to take into account different steps to be able to carry out this action.

That is why, in the following article we will explain the methods that exist to delete this type of chats, quickly and easily.

How to know if you are the administrator

It is important to verify if you are the administrator of the group, as this will provide you with the necessary credentials to delete that chat from WhatsApp. To do so, access the conversation in question, click on the three dots on the side and selectInfo. of the group“.

You will find all the details of the conversation, including the list of participants, where you should check that your name is labeledGroup Admin“. Otherwise, you will have to ask one of the administrators to close it or give you the credentials to do so.

How to delete a group

How to delete a WhatsApp group
To delete a group, you must first delete the participants. So, you will have to access the chat, press the three dots and locateInfo. of the group“where you will find the list of members. Then, click on the individual’s name, highlight “Delete ‘Name'” and finally, confirm this action by selecting “OK”.

Afterwards, you will have to leave the conversation, which you can do by logging into the conversation and going to “Group Info”. Once done, press theExit groupbutton and choose “Exit” again. Then, you will only have to delete this element, accessing the chat, locating its information and selecting “Delete group”.

You can also press and hold the conversation and press the trash can icon, which will appear in the upper right corner.

By following this procedure, you will learn how to delete a WhatsApp group with ease.

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