How to deactivate the seen in WhatsApp

Disable the seen in WhatsApp, is a function that you can access at any time in the app, and that you might not know.

With this in mind, in the following article we will show you the methods that exist to disable this option, in a few minutes and with ease.

Deactivating the blue check

If you want a permanent solution, it is possible to disable the blue check indefinitely so that no user will notice whether or not you have seen their message. To do this on Android, enter the WhatsApp application, press the three dots located in the upper right corner and follow the path: “Settings > Account > Privacy” and disable the optionReading confirmations“.

How to deactivate the seen in WhatsApp by deactivating the blue check

In iOS, just go to “Settings > Account > Privacy” and disable the “Read Confirmations” feature. It should be noted that, with both alternatives, the blue check will continue to appear in group chats.

Using pop-up notifications

It is advisable to use pop-up or window notifications, in order to read complete messages in WhatsApp, without the need to access the chat. To do this on Android, go toSettingsand follow the path: “Notifications > Pop-up notification > Always show pop-up or Floating Bubble”. However, depending on the brand of the cell phone, the name of these sections varies.

Regarding iOS devices, you will have to log in to WhatsApp and follow the address: “Settings > Notifications > In-app notifications” and enable theAlertssection. In this way, you will be able to see the messages in a full window on the cell phone screen.

Using the notification center

Another alternative is to use the notification center of your Smartphone to read any message received on WhatsApp, without being online. It should be noted that this is an ideal option for short texts, otherwise the preview would not allow a complete view of the text.

Using airplane mode

Also, you can activate the airplane mode of the mobile and access WhatsApp to be able to read the message. Once done, you will have to exit the app, close it completely and disable the airplane mode. Otherwise, the text may be marked as read.

By following these methods, you will successfully disable the seen on WhatsApp.

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